Chikadibia has teamed up with Verlies Produktion (and others) to create a music video to Chikadibia's most talked about song "Black Lives Matter."

Hear Nebraska says, "Omaha rapper Chikadibia spits a few scathing verses atop minimalist production in his latest single 'Black Lives Matter.' The track can be found on his new self-produced 'You Bleed Exactly What I Bleed' mixtape." 

Mind & Soul Radio 101.3 FM says, "IT'S LIT", as Chikadibia talks with hosts, Black Excellence and The Sweetness, about his influences behind the track "Black Lives Matter" and much more.

UNDISPUTEDHH says, "No two thoughts are the same but the basis of his music is lyrical peace. He just dropped a mixtape 'You Bleed Exactly What I Bleed.' The mixtape is a creative masterpiece that opens our heart to what matters. It sounds like a huge video game comprised of working to make it, maintaining, and culture. 'You Bleed Exactly What I Bleed' is an amazing masterpiece."