Chikadibia is an Omaha artist, able to develop ideas and produce a wide range of art from hand as well as computer programs fluently in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Ableton Live 9. His work stretches from multimedia art, musical production, modeling, and cultural production. Chikadibia has learned how to promote and market himself through several channels such as creative events, art showcases and organized collaborations. 

“My first form of expressing myself through music was beatboxing. I've been making clicking noises in rhythmic patterns since I was in diapers or I would be banging on my toy box like a drum set. I give praise to Buffett middle school, 7th grade, multimedia class. That school changed my life, because they taught kids how to use GarageBand and iMovie. At this point I always had the ability to make the art that I always wanted to make.”  -Chikadibia Ebirim